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Vishwakarma Jayanti (Puja)

A Luxurious Stay in Angul...

“Lord Vishwakarma is a symbol of skill and creativity. He is an inspiration to all who work hard and strive to achieve excellence."

Vishvakarma crafted all of the chariots of the devas and weapons including the Vajra of the god Indra. Vishvakarma was related to the sun god Surya through his daughter Samjna. According to the legend, when Samjna left her house due to Surya's energy, Vishvakarma reduced the energy and created various other weapons using it. Vishvakarma also built various cities like Lanka, Dvaraka, and Indraprastha. According to the epic Ramayana, the vanara (forest-man or monkey) Nala and Nile was the son of Vishvakarma, created to aid the avatar Rama.

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